Ingram COVID-19 Initiatives

Beneficiaries: Bajao, Rawang, Iraya Mangyan
Status: Completed
Date: Aug-Dec 2020

Year 2020 has been a very challenging to all of us and the marginalized communities are one of the most affected. Many people lost their jobs, students are now into distance learning or blended learning, and many families also lost their loved ones. But all these challenges did not hinder different individuals and organizations to reach out to those in need.  

SOLAR Hope, an NGO that provides solar and sustainable solutions to marginalized communities in the Philippines, adopted 3 communities since 2017. Through Ingram Micro’s Grant: Back-to-School Donation Drive (Php 100,000), SOLAR Hope was able to continue supporting these communities especially for the families to cope with the pandemic and to assist the children continue their education despite the new modality of learning. 

The fund was used to implement 4 projects; 

  1. Project Tanglaw Batch 2 – the funds were used to buy a photocopier for distance learning given to the local school (Rawang ES) and logistics support for the installation of 170 solar home systems in Rawang community, Tanay which now helps their children continue their learning even at night. 
  1. Malitam ES Distance Learning Kiosk – the funds were used to buy 30 basic phones and a speaker to be used by the teachers and parent volunteers for better communication on the distance learning in Bajao community, Batangas. This have benefited 187 Bajao IPED Students from Kinder-Grade 6.  
  1. Bajao Daycare Support – the funds were used to support the Bajao Daycare for their modules portfolio. This have helped 80 Bajao students. 
  1. #LDR: Long Distance Reachout for Mangyan Scholars – the funds were used to support 13 Mangyan Scholars (10 Highschool and 3 College) to continue their education and stay in the mission center despite the pandemic in Mangyan community, Occ. Mindoro. The support was used by the host partner for their rice, groceries, internet and educational supplies. 

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