Bajao Community 2

Project Sahaya

Beneficiaries: Bajao
Status: On-going
Date: Dec 2020-Dec 2023

Solar Hope has been reaching out to the Bajao community in Batangas since 2017. At first, our plan was to provide electrification for the community but we had a difficult time securing funding as the community are informal settlers, investors seem that their investment would not be sustainable if they transfer to a new location.  

After a series of community engagements, outreaches, community profiling, mapping and consultation, we understood that the top 3 needs of the community are Land, Education and Livelihood. 

So for 2018-2019, Solar Hope worked closely with Malitam Elementary School and Sitio Bajaoan Daycare Center, the local schools in the community where Bajao children also go to school. We provided educational assistance, books, donation drives, feeding program and many more to continue the community engagements. 

In 2020, we were finally able to establish a consortium with JCI Batangas Caballero, Habitat for Humanity Philippines, St. Bridget Community Center and Batangas LGU to have a joint project to help the community that will address their land and settlement issue. The project is called Project “Sahaya”, which means light and hope in Sama Bajao language. 

Project Sahaya was presented to Batangas City Mayor through a joint partnership with JCI Batangas Caballero, Habitat for Humanity and St. Bridget concerning the land for Bajaos.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines and Batangas LGU would be the lead for the house settlement and community development. 

JCI Batangas Caballero and St. Bridget Community Center would be the lead to community initiatives and local community engagements. 

Solar Hope would be the lead to the coordination of activities, needs and workplan of the consortium. 

 It’s a long-term project that would need a lot of support from the community, partners and sponsors to accomplish the project.

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