Taking Projects One at a Time

Together let us become beacons of hope!

Tanglaw 4 Every Juan

Tanglaw 4 Every Juan aims to light 400 more homes in Dumagat Families in Rizal.

Enlighten: Earth Hour Event

To conduct a DIY Solar Lamp workshop among young professionals and students and Environmental Awareness. Created solar lamps was given to Bajao community.

PWDe Magmahal!

To help refurbish, repaint and decorate 3 PWD Facilities of LERC.

BasuRun 2019

To have a clean-up drive and environmental awareness through BasuRUN 2019 in the Bajao community.

BasuRun 2018

To have a plogging activity through BasuRUN 2018 in participation to the National Movement on Environmental Awareness.

Project Sahaya

To uplift the lives of the Bajaos in Malitam, Batangas through building a resilient, inclusive, sustainable and empowered community.

Solar Hub

To establish solar hubs focused on livelihood as our follow-up project after household electrification. Solar Hubs are community cooperatives sustained and empowered by solar-powered equipment and technologies.

Ingram COVID-19 Initiatives

To provide financial support to our adopted communities through a P100k grant from Ingram Micro.

Tanglaw Concert 2021

To celebrate the 3-year journey of Solar Hope and raise funds for Tanglaw projects.

Tanglaw Concert 2019

To raise funds for solar lanterns for Dumagat families through a benefit gig and fundraising concert.

Tanglaw Batch 3

To light 273 homes with solar home systems in 3 communities: Calawis, Mangyan and Caniogan to help them cope with the pandemic.

Tanglaw Batch 2

To light 170 homes with solar home systems in Sitio Rawang and its nearby communities to help them cope with the pandemic and distance learning of education.

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