Taking Projects One at a Time

Together let us become beacons of hope!

Tanglaw Concert 2021

To celebrate the 3-year journey of Solar Hope and raise funds for Tanglaw projects.

Tanglaw Concert 2019

To raise funds for solar lanterns for Dumagat families through a benefit gig and fundraising concert.

Tanglaw Batch 3

To light 273 homes with solar home systems in 3 communities: Calawis, Mangyan and Caniogan to help them cope with the pandemic.

Tanglaw Batch 2

To light 170 homes with solar home systems in Sitio Rawang and its nearby communities to help them cope with the pandemic and distance learning of education.

Tanglaw Batch 1

To light 69 homes with solar lanterns to Bajaos, Dumagats and Mangyan communities to help them in their day-to-day activities and livelihood.

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