Tanglaw Batch 1

Beneficiaries: Bajao, Rawang, Iraya Mangyan
Status: Completed 
Date: Apr-Nov 2019

Electricity has been continuously transforming our world today that it impacts almost every social and economic activity. It has paved the way for applied technologies to improve overall way and quality of life.  

Since the start of Solar Hope in 2017, we have done community engagements in our adopted communities in Bajaos, Dumagats and Mangyans. After a series of community profiling, mapping and outreaches, it was only in 2019 that we were able to have our first solar project under Tanglaw Batch 1. This is in partnership with Henkel Asia Pacific Service Centre and Solar Solutions Inc.  

We have provided 69 solar lanterns to our adopted communities. It has effectively impacted the lives of the beneficiaries as it helped in their day-to-day lives and activities. Since its portable, those in the mountains could now use it when trekking while those who are fishermen could now use it at night in the sea. 

The provided solar lanterns are Mobiya TS120S. Its specifications are:  

  • Manufactured by Schneider Electric 
  • 2.5Wp Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel 
  • 6.4V, 1500mAh, Lithium battery 
  • 120 lumens with different intensities 
  • 1 Light point 
  • Mobile Charging 
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified 
  • 1 year warranty 
  • Cost: P3,500/unit 

Here are some excerpts from testimonies from the beneficiaries: 

“Malaking bagay po talaga ang mga solar lalo na sa amin kasi kapag pumupunta po kami sa laot, o kapag kumain kami at naglayag sa bangka, maliwanag na.”
– Bajao Community Leader, Malitam, Batangas  

(Having solar is of great help for us since whenever we go fishing, eating and boating, there is now light)  

“Sabi ko Lord, sana may makuha ako kasi kailangang kailangan po
namin. Tapos pagtingin ko po, meron, sobrang salamat, naiyak na lang po ako. Malaking tulong po ito sa amin kasi hindi po kami makakabili ng ganito.”
– Dumagat Local, Macantog, Tanay

(I prayed to God that hopefully I would receive ‘a lantern’ since we really need it. Then when I looked, we do have, and we’re very grateful that we just cried. This is of great help to us since we can’t afford to buy one) 

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