Together with ATECo and WGC, we have trained community champions and lighted 25 homes.

Tanglaw Batch 3

Beneficiaries: Calawis, Iraya Mangyan, Caniogan
Status: On-going
Date: Dec 2020-Jul 2021

Solar Hope is an NGO that aims to provide solar and sustainable solutions to marginalized communities in the Philippines. Its mission is to light communities, change lives, and give hope to people living without electricity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many of us and has affected the marginalized communities the most. Many have lost their jobs, have struggled in keeping up with the new modality of education and have even lost their loved ones.  

Project Tanglaw is our electrification project that aims to light homes through solar that would help improve their quality of life and cope with the pandemic. 

In 2019, we were able to light 69 homes with solar lanterns through Tanglaw Batch 1. Last 2020, we were able to light 170 homes with solar home systems by launching Tanglaw Batch 2. 

This 2021, we aim to light 273 homes more with solar home systems (Sunking Home 60) through Tanglaw Batch 3 to help families recover from the challenges brought by the pandemic. This would help 3 more communities to have access to energy. 

Here are our journey in the 3 communities: 

1. Calawis Community  

We lighted 25 homes in Sitio Balon, Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo, Rizal. The community is mountainous which would require trekking. It is also a home to Dumagat tribes. 

Last 2020, we went to the Dumagats in Sitio Balon to ocular and conduct community mapping of the community. The community was using kerosene lamps and some have unproperly sized and DIY solar bought from the market.  

On March 13, 2021, we have raised the support to provide solar home systems to the community and trained them on solar basics and proper installation in their homes. 

We are considering to light its nearby sitios in Calawis next for Tanglaw Batch 4. 

This project is also in partnership with Access to Energy for Communities (ATE Co.) and Women of Global Change Philippines. 

2. Iraya Mangyan Community 

We lighted 195 homes in 4 sitios (Sitio Kalansan, Sitio Agbalite, Sitio Purao, Sitio Jaman) in Brgy. Mananao, Paluan, Occidental Mindoro.  

Last 2019, we went to Iraya Mangyans in Paluan and conducted community mapping and profiling. We found out that the community are still un-electrified and are just dependent on batteries that are being charged to a charging station, a previous community project. Since then, we have started planning and raising support for the electrification of the community. 

This 2021, we have raised the support to provide solar home systems to individual households in the community as a follow-up solar project to help families cope with the pandemic and distance learning.  

Due to the pandemic, on May 7, 2021, we met with the Mangyan community champions halfway in Calatagan for the turn-over then they would be the ones to install it in their community. 

The community champions then trained fellow community champions in the for sitio and installed the 130 solar home systems that was shared among 195 families from May to Jun 2021. 

This project is also in partnership with Access to Energy for Communities (ATE Co.), Drops of Faith Christian Mission (DFCM) and JCI Balisong. 

3. Caniogan Community 

We aim to light 53 homes in Sitio Pulo, Brgy. Caniogan, Morong, Rizal. The community is an island which would require boat-riding. 

Early Jan 2021, we went to the community in Sitio Pulo to ocular and conduct community mapping of the community. The community was using kerosene lamps and car batteries for light. 

This project is also in partnership with Caniogan Elementary School (CES), Access to Energy for Communities (ATE Co.), and SK-CCL. 

We are currently raising funds together with our partners for the project to be implemented on Jul 2021. You can extend your hand to us and the community by helping us become beacons of hope and raise the funds amounting to P265,000.00. You could also adopt a family by sponsoring a solar home system P5000/unit. Any amount donated would be able to light up one’s home.

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