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Tanglaw Stories #1


  • Name: Rosalie Jaime 
  • Community: Sitio Rawang, Tanay, Rizal

Rosalie has no work which made their struggle during this pandemic more challenging. They also live in the mountains of Tanay where there is no access to energy. Before, there is no light in their house. When evening came, they usually just go to sleep early to rest. They need to pay P10/kerosene and P30/charge of battery just to have light which is an expense for the family. The Jaime family is one of the beneficiaries of solar home systems under Tanglaw Batch 2 and now enjoys access to energy. She told us that after having solar, their children could now still play at night and even can do their homework and modules. Also, the amount they usually use for buying kerosene or charging the battery are now savings! She shared how great the solar has been of great help to them. They are now a beacon of hope!

“Thank you so much. Thank you as the solar was a big help to us.” – Rosalie Jaime

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