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Tanglaw Stories #1


  • Name: Emmanuel and Jocelyn Gerones
  • Community: Sitio Rawang, Tanay, Rizal

Emmanuel and Jocelyn are from an indigenous people called Dumagats. They have been used to living in the mountains. They both have no work and have only small earnings from whatever harvest they have from farming. Before pandemic, they just enter any work that has opportunity just to get by their daily living. Since they don’t have access to energy, they used to buy kerosene every night. But at times that they really don’t have money, they just endure the night without light. The Gerones family is one of the beneficiaries of solar home systems under Tanglaw Batch 2 and now enjoys access to energy. Emmanuel shared that their family is very happy every time they turn on their light as it goes on and on unlike the kerosene. It also greatly reduced their expenses. It helped their children at night and in their education. With the solar, they can also now see each other and the things they need even at night. They are very happy now that they have light through solar. They are now a beacon of hope!

“We are very grateful to all who sponsor because they have given us the most important thing that we need, this light.” – Emmanuel Gerones

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